Stan and Martha

Diver & Associates was established in 2008. Stan Diver, founder, has worked with numerous clients on issues ranging from strengthening communication with colleagues to problem solving in the workplace to strategic and succession planning. Stan has a unique ability to develop trust and create an environment for meaningful conversation, to support and mentor organizations and individuals to understand and clarify goals and realize their potential, and to improve each client’s growth and effectiveness as they manage and achieve change.

Distinguishing Diver from other business consultants and coaches, Stan is personally involved with each client, offering his expertise and experience in situations similar to those faced by the clients.  He sees distinctions, patterns, and options from his life and work.  He has lead family businesses through the difficult but necessary conversations that result in successful transitions and improved family harmony.  He has coached individuals through changes, both imposed and desired. Whether consulting on a business/company issue or providing one-to-one coaching, Diver helps clients through a customized approach to obtain demonstrated results.

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