Individuals are often seeking change, new opportunities, or someone with whom to talk about business challenges. They need someone who will understand what they face and the possibilities that lie ahead. They feel isolated or become interested in exploring new options. Based on his business experience and using coaching techniques, Diver has conversations with clients on topics such as the following:

Developing strategies and taking action to address issues and challenges

Implementing individual goals and aspirations

Establishing objectives and timeline to meet the objectives

Generating an improvement plan for shortcomings

Determining new roles or responsibilities and how to reach success

Providing guidance and support for new leadership

Advancing the capabilities and skills for future possibilities

Constructing a pathway for change


“Stan listened intently, asked questions and encouraged me to explore my potential. He tested to be sure I was stretching as far as I thought possible. And then, when I was satisfied, he persuaded me to consider even broader possibilities. Quite the journey – quite the coach!”                                        

Margi Prueitt, Executive Director, The PMA Foundation for Industry Talent