Focusing on the unique complexities of family-owned and closely-held companies, Diver helps clients as they build and manage their companies. Utilizing over 35 years of business experience, Diver applies his skills and experience as he works with company leaders and/or employees on a broad range of engagements including the following:

Guiding through governance procedures, family process and norms and/or succession planning

Enabling families to enjoy the benefits of family business and provide for healthy family conversation and dynamics for all family members (those in the business and those who are not).

Supporting the identification of a leadership team to take over the operation and a plan for equity transfer

Providing guidance for family and company communication and coaching support for the new leadership

Offering guidance on exiting of a company member and directing to resources needed to put plan together

Establishing a common set of company objectives and a path to achieve them

Coordinating and quarterbacking accountants, corporate lawyers and estate lawyers to meet business objectives

Facilitating needed discussions to establish goals and vision including a path to achieve them

Mentoring small companies to develop business skills

Assisting business partners in transitioning leadership to next generation or to others